In Their Room

In Their Room is about gay men, bedrooms, sex and intimacy. The film veers into the bedrooms of eight
different men where you see them doing everything from the most banal to the most erotic. Complimenting
the revealing nature of their everyday activities are confessional interviews about fantasies, turn ons and
vulnerabilities. You never leave their bedrooms, but this is unmistakably San Francisco of the present.

The film was featured to great praise in Butt Magazine, and later won “best erotic film” at Good Vibration’s
Indie Erotic Film competition.

Click below to view a teaser for the film.


I wanted to document some of the ways in which these particular men find, explore, mess up, and dive into
intimacy. With music, sex, technology and solitude I sought to capture all the ways in which they connect.

I was a stranger walking into their sanctuary for an hour with a floating video camera. I’ve since spent a
second hour with each of these men, interviewing them via gchat about everything from love to watersports.
It’s a diverse set of interviews that reflect the men in the video.

By clicking on any of the men from the cast you can access these interviews along with dozens of stills
from the video shoot, lists of their Top Ten Favorites and in some cases extra video that didn’t make the
20 minute cut.